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Peeni Walli Sound was founded on Prague's Cross club garden in August 2003. Ripclaw and Mihaal were the founding members, in 2005 selecta Ondreej joined the sound and between 2006-2010 Cocoman was the MC in juggling and clash dances. In 2014 and 2016, our crew grew, welcoming DJ White Rum, and also Bondy and Captain P (formerly Rasta Pasta Kroo). In September 2019, we welcomed our newest member: Sixty Baht from Berlin.

During the years we played in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Malta, India, USA, and all around Czechia, delivering the widest variety of reggae music: from ska, rocksteady, roots & dub through rub-a-dub and early digital, up to the latest new roots and dancehall. Since 2018, we are participating in radio show Bruk Out at Radio 1 (91.9 FM).

Since the beginning of our career, we have been actively involved in sound clashes. In 2007, we won the trophy in Bakkle Up - a clash tournament. In 2009, we took part in another big Czech clash Proti všem and made it to dub fi dub. Around the same time we took part in Czecho-Slovak tournament Royal Sound Clash in Trencin. In 2010, we won international Monarchy Cup Soundclash in Budapest, killing Jafa Maffia (Hungary) and Baba Sound (Austria). In 2012 we clashed Million Vibes (Sweden) at Cross Club in Prague and we won the competition. One year later we defeated Selector Boldrik in Prague's Rock Cafe. In 2014 we clashed FMP in Prague and we got killed. However, in 2019, our return to the battlefield was successful as we took the trophy in international Melting Pot Soundclash by defeating both Ghetto Youths Sound (Slovakia) and Sensithief (Poland).

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